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Greetings Welcome to our Free Classified ads. We are not involved in any transaction between buyers and sellers. If you use these classifieds you are doing so at your own risk and by using this listing service you hold harmless crhorse.com, cornerstone ranch, usahorsenetwork.com, it's owners and anyone associated or involved with these businesses. Any disputes you have are between seller and or buyer. Please do not contact us if you have questions about an ad, as we have nothing to do with the ads posted or the owners of the horses or other items being sold. If you feel the ad is a fraud ad then report it to us with the ad number via email.

Ads are to only pertain to categories for listings, we reserve the right to remove or delete any ad that we feel not appopriate for any reason.

You are allowed two photos with your ads. We hope that you enjoy the listings. Have a wonderful day!


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