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Question and Answers

Why FREE photo ads?

We want to help you sell your horse and a photo always gets you better response.

Support crhorse.com?

Since we are not charging for our photo ads, if you like to show your appreciation, then you can:

  • Tell Others!
  • Upgrade your ad to a highlight or spotlight ad.
  • If you have a website - add a link to us.
  • Need web hosting, consider a hosting package with www.onlinehorsedesign.com


    Visit our pricing and advertising page for details

    Why only Members can email people with ads?

    We needed a way to ban people who abuse this classified ads. If we feel that you are abusing this system then we will remove your membership, for any reason with no notice.

    People who don't want to join, can call owners of horses - because phone numbers are required and posted in the ads.

    Please report any abuse to

    If you have any questions please email us at the address below.

    Our goal is to provide a great place for buyer and sellers to meet. Happy Trails!!!

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