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Kingsgold Buz Boy
Built Tuff x Doaky Josie

Standing At:
Key Stallion Station

$500 breeding fee

Over the past six years, Kingsgold Buz Boy has accomplished the ultimate stallion honor – he has consistently produced foals equal to (or better than) himself. From the beginning, our breeding program has concentrated on continual improvement and our repeat clients are proof.As a bonus, Buz has produced almost all buckskin & palomino foals. Buz represents the standard ideals of The American Quarter Horse. His foundation bloodlines include the following great AQHA sire & mare Legends: Blondy's Dude * Clabber * King P234 * Peter McCue * Plaudit * Skipper W * Chief * Zantanon * Sheik * Little Joe * Traveler * Harmon Baker * Poco Bueno * White Cherry * Steel Dust * Yellow Jacket *Buz’ foals are characterized by exceptional bloodlines - with strong, straight legs, cow sense, easy train-ability, and savvy for trail or ranch work.We invite you to write, call or visit, then you'll know the answer to... "What's the Buz?"

Buz Burnett
Poco Buz Boy Poco Veva
Built Tuff Hill King
Crystal King DusterGal
Kingbee Juan
Sheik's Kingbee Sissy Dimples
Doaky Josie Rio Skipper
Josie Doak White Cherry

Farm Information
Inquiries/Standing at Key Stallion Station
Pueblo, CO 81006

Phone (719)544-2740

E-mail: key5449@msn.com

Website: www.KeyStallionStation.com

Stallion Presented by: Kingsgold - AQHA Buckskins

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